Asian Basketball League (Boys Ages 15-18)

The Asian Basketball League (ABL) was started to give young Asian men the opportunity to play competitive basketball against each other.

SCAA recognized the difficulty of its teams in competing against other high-school age clubs from other city leagues. The formation of ABL provided a better athletic experience by allowing players to compete against other players of similar skill level.

The league has developed over the years and today ABL consists of 10 boys teams from 9th -12th grade. Games are played weekly at Jefferson Community Center, culminating in a brief playoff series and Championship game that is one of the yearly highlights of SCAA.

The skill level and competitiveness of ABL has continued to rise throughout the years – with some current players competing at the varsity level at their respective high schools.

ABL runs entirely through a budget allowed by SCAA, and in conjunction with Jefferson Community Center. Every year the ABL director hires outside referees and scorekeepers to maintain the league’s validity. Along with the countless coaches and assistants, the players themselves and the players’ parents, ABL will continue to be a big part of SCAA and the community.

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